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“Efficient Pastor has been a great help to my ministry. The resources are top notch, and the quality of them are very professional. I would highly recommend this resource to any pastor, not as a substitute for your studies but as an enhancement to them!”

Jorge Vazquez

Lead Pastor
San Antonio, Texas
“Efficient Pastor is a great resource! I have been using it as a spring board for sermon writing. I love the commentary and illustrations they provide. Throw in great graphics and small group questions, it’s really a game changer for me as a student pastor.”

Brad Morgan

Student and Missions Pastor
Sherwood, Arkansas
"Efficient Pastor has been such a help in my ministry to young adults and my preaching. I love searching through the library of resources to get ideas for future message series and ways to grow my team of leaders.”

Garrett Lowe

Pastor of Next Gen
Founder of Distant Mentor & Top Calling
York, Pennsylvania

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Series Guide
Sermon Outlines to Work Off of
Illustration Ideas
Talking Points
Key Scripture
Small Group Questions
Series Graphics
Social Media Graphics
Slide Backgrounds
Devotion Outlines
Leadership Development Outlines
Other Helpful Ministry Tools

Sermon Series Bundles

  • Everyone needs reliable tools in sermon preparation. We seek to be one of those tools by bringing you insightful outlines and ideas to work off of. These are not sermon manuscripts. The goal is for you to put in the work and create and customize your own sermon for your people.
  • Our sermon series bundles include both book and topical series
  • Sermons aren’t intended to replace your sermon prep. Use it as a launching pad to create a great sermon.

Devotion Outlines

Our devotions are 1 page outlines that are crafted so you can customize them for your staff, teams, or volunteers. They can also be utilized in one-on-one or group discipleship settings. Our devotion outlines cover biblical topics.

Leadership Development Outlines

Our leadership developments are 1 page outlines that are crafted so you can customize them for your staff, teams, or volunteers. They can also be utilized in one-on-one or group discipleship settings. Our leadership development outlines cover leadership topics.


Other Ministry Tools

We craft a variety of other tools that we think will help you thrive in ministry. If there’s something you don’t see that could give your ministry a boost, drop us a line!

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Our 5 Core Values

Gospel Centered
We believe that gospel centrality is essential to all Christian ministry
Easily Tailored
Our content is simply formatted and easily customizable for your audience
High Quality
We take our research seriously by tapping into some of the best commentaries, books, pastors, speakers, and voices in Christianity
Cutting Edge
We believe sermons should be far from boring. Our illustrations and stories are fresh, relevant, and applicable
Cost Effective
Pay just a few cents a day for countless hours saved
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